Who Are We

Bleach was established in 2013 for the express purpose of providing professional cleaning services with first class customer care.

We at Bleach always strive to meet our customers need for exceptional housecleaning and housekeeping services in their homes, apartments and offices. These services are executed by our own highly trained and qualified Bleach cleaning teams that only use premium quality prod-ucts and equipment.

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We Service

Houses & Apartments

Small or Medium Offices

Authorities, Institutes & Companies

Clinics & Hospitals

Central Kitchens


How It Works

Our Clients

Service Packages

Choose from 3

Contracts & Subscriptions

Want to get our Bleach experience with our premium housecleaning and housekeeping service? Don’t hesitate to contact us today for an evaluation visit and determine which package suits you best.


Price Per Cleaner

KD4 or 3.5

per hour
  • The level of dirt is priced through the evaluation visit
  • Min of 1 visit to a max of 4 visits per month
  • 1 month minimum to a maximum of 5 months


Price Per Cleaner


per hour
  • The level of dirt is priced through the evaluation visit
  • Min of 1 visit to a max of 4 visits per month
  • 6 months minimum to a maximum of 11 months


Price Per Cleaner


per hour
  • 5% Discount
  • 10% Discount if given full payment of contract
  • Min of 1 visit to a max of 4 visits per month
  • 1 year min & extends to customers requirements

Corporate Daily Service

Whether you are a business owner, a corporation and or an institute, we are ready to serve you and ensure that your place of business is clean and sterilized for all your needs.

At Bleach we appreciate a company’s desire to be lean, being lean allows you to allocate more resources to providing a better product or more efficient operations.

One Time Service

If you want to commit to a contract, we can provide you with Cleaning on demand: For the entire place or parts of it, at any time you need. We understand your needs and will help you get your place neat.



The Cleaning Team

Carefully Selected By Our Management

A site team that is carefully selected by our management will always be the following:

  • Specialized cleaning technician
  • Fully aware of the materials, tools and devices used for the job required
  • High level of personal hygiene
  • Full legal commitment
  • Professional and courteous towards our customers and their belongings.

Let's Meet

Send us a message, and let's talk.

Contact Information
Al Qibla, Salhiya Area, Block 13, Mohammad Thunayan
Al Ghanim Street, Building 8, 2nd Floor
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+965 65767333
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+965 66803131